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The Beauty of Collaboration

Together, is always better. We love to collaborate. To create exceptional products with brands who share our purpose is something we will champion. Always.

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Today, we launch Rio Nuevo x Louise Misha. A limited edition run of the most exquisite raspberry chocolate, made by Rio Nuevo, to be gifted to the customers of Parisian based fashion brand over the Christmas period.

The beautifully encased mini-bar is clad with their iconic and staple Cream Savage Garden print.

b corp chocolate

Created in 2012, Louise Misha is a brand created with responsibility at its heart. With a goal to bring


the brand is committed, as we are, to working responsibly within their industry - knowing they have a responsibility to produce quality garments, made to last, while participating in the local development of the countries with which the brand collaborates. Louise Misha takes a major interest in the human working conditions of each worker and in the balance of trade relations with all the workshops.

We are proud to say they are our friends, and we are excited to have had the chance to work together again, to produce an exceptional shared vision.

b corp chocolate

Where it began

Before the creation of both Rio Nuevo and Louise Misha, Andres and Louise Misha CEO, Claire met while living in Hackney, East London.

Despite being many miles apart while Claire's career path took her to Chicago, the pair stayed in touch and when the moment came to collaborate their work efforts, they took the chance immediately.

Born from the mirrored ethics and values, this collaboration began in 2020 when we first created a co-branded chocolate bar.

Now in 2022, we revisit the project and have redesigned and reimagined the initial design, to incorporate Louise Misha's elegant and graceful Cream Savage Garden print.

Across the company's offering, this exceptional print adorns its range of homewares, children's clothing and womenswear.

b corp chocolate

We’re happy to be working together with people and a company that aligns with our values: quality, purpose, transparency community and sustainability. Both, Rio Nuevo and Louise Misha highly value people, our producers, our customers and the role each play in their communities.

Andres and Sara, Founders of Rio Nuevo.


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