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Echoes of Change: How Cornwall's B Corps Are Inspiring a Global Shift Towards Sustainability

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This B Corp Month, we invite you on a journey of discovery through Cornwall, a place not just known for its stunning landscapes but as a cradle for a remarkable movement, as well as to celebrate other B Corps outside of Cornwall who we also work with.

Here in Cornwall, businesses like Bull & Wolf, Cornish Gems, Origin Coffee and A Side Studio are not just operating; they're redefining the essence of sustainable and ethical business practices. Let's peel back the layers and uncover the inspiring stories of change and innovation within Cornwall's B Corp community.


Table of Contents


Cornish Gems

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Crafting Places of Nature and Nurture

Imagine holiday homes that do more than just offer a retreat; they immerse you in a world where every detail is infused with care for the environment and local culture.

Cornish Gems has been pioneering this vision for over 17 years, offering a glimpse into what the future of hospitality can look like. Each property in their diverse portfolio is a testament to the power of thoughtful tourism, one that enriches both the visitor and the visited.

A Blueprint for Regenerative Tourism

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Dive deeper into Cornish Gems' ethos, and you'll find a proactive approach to minimising tourism's footprint, from carefully managing their property locations to funding climate-positive projects. It's an invitation to explore how we can all travel more thoughtfully, leaving places better than we found them.

Cornish Gems has committed to becoming a regenerative business, and working towards its net zero goals. So far, they have limited their portfolio in hotspot areas, whilst collaborating with like-minded businesses to minimise the impact of the tourism industry on our Cornish communities.


Bull & Wolf Film

Framing the Future

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Step into the world of Bull & Wolf Film, and you'll find yourself amidst narratives that challenge, inspire, and call for action. Their work exemplifies how the creative industry in Cornwall is not just about art for art's sake but about art as a catalyst for change, driving forward the conversation on what it means to be a responsible business in today's world.

Bridging Narratives: From Hospitality to Storytelling

The commitment to sustainability in Cornwall seamlessly weaves through various sectors, connecting seemingly disparate industries through a shared vision. This is where Bull & Wolf Film Co. enters the scene, turning the lens towards stories that matter, stories that resonate with the heartbeat of sustainability and social responsibility.



Pioneering Sustainable Packaging

b corp chocolate

In the realm of innovation, Notpla stands out as a B Corp championing the fight against single-use plastic through their groundbreaking seaweed-based packaging. Our collaboration on the retail drinking chocolate boxes is a testament to what happens when two B Corps unite with a common goal: to revolutionise packaging for the better, proving that sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into even the most everyday products.


Rio Nuevo Chocolate

A Symphony of Flavours and Values

b corp chocolate

And here we are too, where the humble cocoa bean becomes a symbol of ethical indulgence. For us at Rio Nuevo Chocolate, the art of chocolate making is intertwined with a profound commitment to fair practices and environmental stewardship. Each bite is a discovery of what happens when passion for flavour meets dedication to the planet and its people.



As we spotlight the vibrant B Corp community in Cornwall and beyond, why not take a closer look at the incredible work being done by our fellow B Corps? Check out Bull & Wolf Film Co.'s website to see how they're blending sustainability with great storytelling. If a cosy, eco-friendly Cornish getaway sounds tempting, Cornish Gems has a selection of gorgeous holiday homes that are all about luxury with a conscience. Check out their website to see what makes them special!

Discover how Notpla is leading the charge in sustainable packaging solutions by visiting their website and seeing their innovative products firsthand.

And for the chocolate lovers, Rio Nuevo is here with ethically produced, mouthwatering chocolate that is good for both you and the planet. Visit our shop and treat yourself to some guilt-free indulgence.

Let's keep the spirit of supporting businesses that care about more than just profit. Here's to choosing sustainability, quality, and ethics with every decision we make.



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