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Ethical Hot Chocolate

The complex fruity and floral flavours in our drinking chocolate are unique to the Arriba Nacional cacao variety. The oldest and rarest cacao variety in the world, exclusive to Ecuador and considered to be among the world’s finest.



We have worked with baristas to develop a speciality drinking chocolate that has a perfect body, texture and flavour every customers can enjoy.

Ethical catering hot chocolate

Our drinking chocolate shavings for cafes is available in different cacao percentages

Wholesale Luxury Hot Chocolate


We source our cacao beans from the Amazon Rainforest and Cloud Forest of Ecuador, these two unique regions are the most extraordinary and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. 

Cacao growing communities in Ecuador's Cloud Forest and Amazon Rainforest
70% Ethical Hot Chocolate

Rainforest Collective

We have partnered with 13 small indigenous communities in the region of Tena in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador to bring you a unique drinking chocolate.


The cacao produced by these communities is grown in a traditional agroforestry method, helping to restore and preserve the rainforest biodiversity. 

60% Ethical Hot Chocolate

Cloud Forest Collective

Our farmers are committed to the conservation of over 250 ha of forest.


This Cloud Forest Collective drinking chocolate is part of their efforts to save one of the last remaining Cloud Forests in the world, the Ecuadorean Chocó.



We believe fair pricing is just one component of good cacao sourcing. Our approach involves investing in rural communities over the long term to improve both the quality of cacao beans and the livelihoods of the people.

We work hard to set ourselves apart by making sure our chocolate is sourced and produced as ethical and delicious as possible. 

Partnering with farmers in the production process of cacao is an essential part of what we do.  

We source the highest quality cacao beans directly from small scale farmers in Ecuador, ensuring in this way that they receive a fair price for their produce and that the cacao has been carefully selected, fermented and dried before it is transformed into chocolate.

For us empowering cacao farmers in rural communities in Ecuador has meant building direct trade relationships with them and getting to know their communities in order to serve them better. 

By partnering directly with the growers we get to bring you a unique chocolate with the floral and fruity flavour profile characteristics of the Arriba Nacional variety, all while having a real positive impact in farmers lives.


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