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Luxury Catering Cooking Chocolate


Our dedication to quality lets us bring you the finest chocolate flavour profiles that you can use to compliment your sweet or savoury dishes.


Like wine, and specialty coffee the flavour of chocolate is determined by the terroir and variety of the cacao beans.

We source the highest quality cacao beans directly from small scale farmers in Ecuador, the leading producer of fine flavour cacao in the world.


Cooking chocolate 2
Cooking chocolate

Ecuador is the leading producer of fine flavour cacao in the world, a variety called Arriba Nacional. ⁣

Only 6-8% of cacao produced in the world is fine flavour of which 65% is produced in Ecuador! but this Arriba Nacional variety is threatened by higher yield and lower quality varieties, this is why it’s important to us to work directly with local farmers to help preserve Ecuador’s cacao heritage while also crafting delicious chocolate that highlights the fine quality and unique flavour of this variety.⁣

Our cooking chocolate is available in shavings that are easy to weigh and very quick to melt

Ethical cooking chocolate


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