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What is Sustainable Chocolate?

Picture of Rio Nuevo founders, Sara & Andres, with cacao farmer Marjorie and her daughter
Rio Nuevo Chocolate's founders, Sara & Andres on one of their cacao farm visits in Ecuador


Welcome to Rio Nuevo Chocolate's journey towards sustainable chocolate. Chocolate is a beloved treat worldwide, and at Rio Nuevo, we believe in creating it responsibly. Join us as we explore what sustainable chocolate means and why it matters for our planet and communities.

What is Sustainable Chocolate?

Sustainable chocolate is a commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. It ensures fair wages for farmers, promotes eco-friendly farming, and supports local communities. At Rio Nuevo, these principles guide our actions as we partner directly with farmers to ensure ethical sourcing and sustainable production.

Sara & Andres meeting cacao farmers in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador
Rio Nuevo Chocolate founders, Sara & Andres in a meeting with the cacao farmers they partner directly to source sustainable cacao from in Ecuador

Key Issues in Cacao Farming

Cacao farming faces significant challenges: poverty, low productivity, child labour, deforestation, and climate change. These issues can seem overwhelming, but at Rio Nuevo, we are committed to addressing them. Through regenerative agriculture, we promote farming techniques that restore and enhance soil health. By supporting social equality, we ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all workers in our supply chain.

How to Know if Chocolate is Sustainable?

Understanding certifications like Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance helps consumers identify sustainable chocolate. These certifications ensure products meet social and environmental standards. Additionally, Rio Nuevo Chocolate is proud to be a certified B Corporation, demonstrating our commitment to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Learn more about our B Corporation certification here.

What Does 100% Sustainable Cacao Mean?

100% Sustainable cacao means that every step in the cacao supply chain adheres to practices that protect the environment, ensure fair treatment of workers, and support local communities. It involves ethical sourcing, regenerative farming, and direct trade practices that we embrace at Rio Nuevo Chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Sustainable?

Making chocolate sustainable involves adopting practices that benefit the environment and society. At Rio Nuevo, we implement:

- Regenerative Agriculture: Restoring soil health and increasing biodiversity.

- Social Equality: Ensuring fair treatment and opportunities for all workers.

- Direct Trade: Building transparent and equitable relationships with farmers.

- Made at Origin: Processing chocolate at the origin in Ecuador, creating jobs, and supporting the local economy. Our partnership with Fundación Salinas enhances farmers' yield and economic stability.

Explore our practices in detail through our posts on ethical chocolate and regenerative agriculture and our sourcing model.

Why Buy Sustainable Chocolate?

Buying sustainable chocolate supports ethical practices, ensures fair treatment of farmers, and promotes environmental stewardship. By choosing Rio Nuevo Chocolate, you help create a positive impact on the chocolate industry and contribute to a better future for all.

Is Chocolate a Sustainable Food?

Chocolate can be sustainable if it is produced following ethical and eco-friendly practices. At Rio Nuevo, we are committed to making chocolate that respects the environment, supports local communities, and delivers delicious quality. Our sustainable practices ensure that chocolate can be both a treat and a force for good.

The Future of Sustainable Chocolate

The future of chocolate depends on sustainable practices. At Rio Nuevo, we continue to innovate and commit to ethical practices. Our vision includes ongoing support for farmers, investing in sustainable methods, and educating consumers about the importance of choosing ethically sourced chocolate.


Sustainable chocolate is essential for a better future. By choosing Rio Nuevo Chocolate, you support ethical sourcing, fair treatment of farmers, and environmental stewardship. Together, we can make a positive impact on the chocolate industry and the world.

For more details on our commitment to sustainability, visit our blog posts:


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