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Driving Global Impact: Aligning with The Earthshot Prize's Area of Interest

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At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, we are thrilled to share how our brand's initiatives are closely aligned with Area of Interest: Where can we have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time? of The Earthshot Prize.

This area focuses on identifying solutions with the potential for rapid, significant impact within a short timeframe. As we delve into the details, we find that our work resonates strongly with the core principles outlined by The Earthshot Prize.

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Proof of Concept and Rapid Impact

The Earthshot Prize recognises the importance of solutions that have already reached a meaningful proof of concept and can achieve significant impact in the next 3-5 years when scaled or replicated. Our brand's initiatives have gained considerable traction, demonstrating a solid foundation for achieving sustainable change within the chocolate industry. With a growing customer base demanding transformation and equity, we have the momentum to drive rapid impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Pathways to Global Impact

One of the key indicators of impact potential, as defined by The Earthshot Prize, lies in solutions that can generate meaningful global impact.

Our approach aligns seamlessly with this criterion. We believe that impactful solutions should not be limited to addressing local or regional challenges alone but should have the potential to be applicable and transferable to additional geographies or industry sectors.

By pioneering innovative practices within the chocolate industry, we aim to inspire and influence change on a global scale, transcending boundaries and transforming the way the industry operates.

Driving Systems-Level Change

The Earthshot Prize places great importance on solutions that drive systems-level change by addressing root causes and barriers to sustainable impact. We fully embrace this approach in our work.

sustainable chocolate

By fostering partnerships and designing our initiatives with a deep understanding of the chocolate industry's challenges, we aim to tackle the underlying issues that impede large-scale sustainable impact. Our efforts go beyond surface-level changes, addressing systemic barriers and transforming the industry from within.

Measuring Impact

The Earthshot Prize uses two proxy indicators, metric tons of carbon and number of sustainable livelihoods created, to gauge the impact of nominated solutions.

At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, we have a clear vision of how our initiatives contribute to these indicators.

Through our sustainable sourcing practices and commitment to ethical standards, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that our operations create meaningful and sustainable livelihoods for cacao farmers and indigenous communities. We understand that true impact lies in tangible, measurable outcomes, and we are dedicated to making a substantial difference in these areas.


As a brand aligned with the principles of The Earthshot Prize, we are confident that our work embodies the spirit of The Earthshot Prize's Area of Interest: ​​Where can we have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

sustainable chocolate

By leveraging our existing customer base demanding change for a better and more equitable chocolate industry, we have the potential to drive rapid impact within a short timeframe.

With a focus on global relevance, systems-level change, and measurable impact, we are committed to creating a lasting and transformative legacy in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, our solution showcases our company’s ability to captivate people with our story, sparking their imagination and fostering hope for a better future. We firmly believe in the power of simple solutions that can leave a lasting impact.


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