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Packaging that leaves no mark. That’s our promise.

This is how it should be. Packaging that biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, without micro plastics or the need for a specialist facility.

We are proud to introduce you to our new-look range of single-origin hot chocolate. Not only does it bear a stripped down and simplified version of our much-loved branding, symbolising a need for less consumption, but it is also housed in a revolutionary all-natural material which will leave no mark on our Earth.

b corp chocolate

At Rio Nuevo, we continually strive to be better. Better for the people we buy from, better for the people we sell to and better for our planet.

Finding a practical, affordable and commercially viable solution to the issue of single-use plastic waste is one of the most important challenges of the early 21st century, and one we are committed to tackling head on.

Earlier this year we embarked on an experimental, limited edition project to create a seaweed packaging which was fully biodegradable with our friends at Notpla.

b corp chocolate

A proof-of-concept project, it born our exciting Pyramid drinking chocolate design and was a huge step towards the possibility of a plastic-free future here at Rio Nuevo.

This latest step in our packaging journey means seaweed will no longer feature as part of an experimental, limited edition project in our offering. But it will now house our drinking chocolate line permanently.

Made from Notpla’s cutting edge seaweed paper, the boxes are made entirely from natural materials, are home compostable and will not contaminate PET recycling.

The paper is 30% seaweed – a product which grows up to 1 metre a day, doesn’t compete with food crops, doesn’t need fresh water and actively contributes to de-acidifying our oceans. The rest is made from as much recycled fibre as possible.

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Notpla, Pierre Paslier says “At Notpla we believe that “Nature knows best”, and we only use naturally occurring materials that have had millions of years to adapt with the rest of the environment. Our new films and seaweed paper are great examples of this principle and are the most sustainable solution in their categories. We’re excited to see traction in the food service industry…”

b corp chocolate

We have long believed that chocolate can, and should be used as a tool to enact meaningful and long lasting change. Our mission and vision, paired with our direct trade sourcing method have been designed and established to improve the lives of the farming communities that grow, harvest and process our chocolate.

This development for our packaging signifies our commitment to the planet, as well as the people and is a meaningful and exciting first step as we continue. Promising to always innovate, always aim to lead, and always aim for better.


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