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Our Branding Journey

We’ve been working on modernising our brand and simplifying our look to reflect what we’re all about and how we’ve evolved over time. We feel Rio Nuevo has grown and evolved in so many positive ways over the last few years and we’re super excited to share our brand journey with you, the reflection of who we are in the way we look.

b corp chocolate

When we set off on our mission we knew we wanted to shorten the chocolate supply chain and be transparent about the way we buy cacao and we wanted to reflect that on our logo. Simplifying it and shortening it, just like we're doing in the chocolate supply chain.

b corp chocolate

Our purpose, vision and mission remains the same.

  • To lift cacao farming communities in Ecuador out of poverty.

  • To see those communities thriving and empowered.

  • To shorten the supply chain in order to leave more money in farmers’ hands.



Our pride for our Latin American roots has always been an important element in our branding. The bold and bright colours we feel identified with, which reflect the culture of the people we serve, stay present as we keep moving forward.

They are just clearer and bolder just as our vision keeps getting clearer and our determination to change the world through chocolate keeps getting stronger.


Simple but bold, direct and transparent, open and inclusive, that is Rio Nuevo, and we want you to be able to identify with our brand, our aspirations and dreams and to join us in our dream of seeing cacao farming communities empowered and thriving.

We want you to know that we like creativity and that we love to collaborate and innovate and that transparency, knowledge and truth really motivates us.

We want you to know that we’re relationship driven and care about the people who grow the cacao we use in our chocolate, the people who make it into chocolate and you, who we wouldn’t be able to be in this journey without!

We can't wait to share our new product range look with you!


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