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Embracing the Earthshot Journey: Our Nomination in the "Protect & Restore Nature" Category

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We are incredibly honoured to share that we’ve been nominated for The Earthshot Prize in the "Protect & Restore Nature" category. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to conservation efforts and our dedication to preserving critical ecosystems, including the Ecuadorian Chocó and the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Being nominated for The Earthshot Prize fills us with deep gratitude and reinforces our belief in the power of collective action to make a positive impact on the world. We stand humbled among other exceptional nominees who share our passion for protecting and restoring the natural environment.

From the very beginning, our mission has been guided by a profound sense of responsibility towards the planet. We have strived to adopt ethical practices and sustainable sourcing methods, recognising the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations. This nomination fuels our determination to continue pushing boundaries and finding innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

The Earthshot Prize represents a global movement towards a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. It inspires us and countless others to come together, transcend boundaries, and work towards a shared vision of a thriving planet. This nomination serves as a reminder that by working collectively, we can drive meaningful change and create a legacy of environmental stewardship.

As we embark on this Earthshot journey, we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our commitment to conservation and restoration. We hope that our actions inspire others to join us in safeguarding our precious ecosystems and preserving the natural wonders of our world.

The Earthshot Prize is a testament to the unwavering belief that positive change is possible. Together, we can protect and restore nature, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.


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The Earthshot Prize's Mission

The Earthshot Prize is driven by a visionary mission to create a future where the natural environment not only survives but thrives, signifying a pivotal moment in human history. Central to this mission is the emphasis on prevention, seeking innovative interventions that offer sustainable alternatives to harmful practices. From renewable energy solutions to forest conservation and protected area management, The Earthshot Prize recognises and promotes initiatives capable of reshaping the trajectory of our planet.

Rio Nuevo Chocolate's Alignment with Selection Filters

Rio Nuevo Chocolate's nomination in The Earthshot Prize's "Protect & Restore Nature" category underscores its exceptional contributions and strong alignment with the prize's selection filters. Let's explore how Rio Nuevo Chocolate's endeavours resonate with these essential criteria.


Types of Intervention - Prevention

At the heart of our philosophy at Rio Nuevo Chocolate lies a deep commitment to prevention through sustainable practices. We actively encourage cacao farmers in the cloud forest and Amazon rainforest to safeguard their precious ecosystems. By paying a premium for the Arriba Nacional cacao variety, which thrives in healthy ecosystems, we provide a direct incentive for farmers to preserve their forests. This not only protects biodiversity but also enhances the well-being of local communities and promotes sustainable cacao cultivation. By prioritising forest protection and rewarding farmers who embrace sustainable practices, we embody the spirit of prevention championed by The Earthshot Prize. Our actions demonstrate how businesses can drive positive change by creating economic incentives that directly contribute to the preservation of our natural resources.

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Diversity of Nominations

Diversity lies at the heart of The Earthshot Prize, and at Rio Nuevo Chocolate, we proudly embody this spirit of inclusivity and innovation. As a brand deeply committed to making a positive impact, we go beyond traditional approaches by actively seeking to empower underserved indigenous communities from various parts of Ecuador. By fostering meaningful connections with diverse stakeholders, we create a collaborative space where these communities can share their invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Our nomination for The Earthshot Prize serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities. We firmly believe that by championing diversity, we not only identify innovative solutions but also create opportunities for inclusive and collective action. Our dedication to working with different indigenous communities exemplifies the true spirit of The Earthshot Prize and aligns with our vision of building a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

The Stage of Innovation

sustainable chocolate

Having several years of trading under our belt, we have witnessed strong support and demand from our valued customers who wholeheartedly rally behind projects that make a significant environmental impact. We take pride in establishing a solid presence in the market, capturing the attention of audiences and customers, even though it may have been on a limited scale. This early success is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and sustainability, resonating with individuals who share our values and aspirations to create a positive difference.

Looking ahead, we envision expanding our reach and scaling our impact to unprecedented heights. The nomination for The Earthshot Prize validates our preparedness to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We have laid a robust foundation, paving the way for continued growth and triumph in confronting environmental issues head-on.

The enthusiastic support and demand from our customers further fuel our drive and determination. We find inspiration in their unwavering commitment to our brand and their shared passion for environmental conservation. Their loyalty and belief in our mission serve as a constant reminder that we are not alone in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, we firmly believe that trading and building a loyal customer base can coexist harmoniously with prioritising environmental stewardship. We take pride in demonstrating that businesses can play a pivotal role in protecting and restoring our natural world while meeting the demands of the market.

The nomination for The Earthshot Prize encourages us to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new opportunities, and making a lasting impact. We are driven by our vision of a brighter, more sustainable future, and we are grateful for the recognition and support that propels us forward on this journey.

Characteristics of Finalist Solutions

At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, our solution showcases our company’s ability to captivate people with our story, sparking their imagination and fostering hope for a better future. We firmly believe in the power of simple solutions that can leave a lasting impact.

sustainable chocolate

One such solution we have implemented involves cutting out the middleman in the chocolate supply chain and working directly with cacao farmers. By doing so, we ensure that more money stays in their hands, enabling them to overcome poverty and improve their well-being. This approach also plays a vital role in safeguarding and regenerating our forests, as it empowers farmers to become guardians of these precious ecosystems.

Inclusivity lies at the core of everything we do at Rio Nuevo Chocolate. We strive to create a sustainable supply chain that benefits all stakeholders involved, from the dedicated farmers who cultivate the cacao beans to the discerning consumers who enjoy our ethically sourced chocolate. By fostering equity and delivering tangible benefits to individuals within our sphere of influence, we actively contribute to building a more just and resilient world.

While our solutions have already made a significant impact, we are not content to stop there. We recognise the potential to drive systemic change on a global scale. Through our initiatives, we aim to inspire others to embrace similar practices, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond our brand. Together, we can revolutionise the way business is conducted and pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Solutions Led and Informed by Women and Indigenous Peoples' Voices

sustainable chocolate

At Rio Nuevo Chocolate, we wholeheartedly embrace the Earthshot Prize's recognition of the pivotal role played by women and indigenous peoples in regenerative solutions and systems. Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering inclusivity, representation, and promoting equitable sustainable livelihoods.

Our mission is rooted in empowering the indigenous underserved communities in the Amazon Rainforest and Cloud Forest of Ecuador, with a special focus on the remarkable women who passionately work in their farms and safeguard their forests.

We firmly believe that these communities are the true guardians of our planet. Their profound connection to the land and their ancestral wisdom hold invaluable insights into sustainable farming practices and the conservation of biodiversity. By joining forces with them, our aim is to amplify their voices, provide essential resources, and create meaningful opportunities for their thriving.

Through championing their leadership and honouring their dedication to environmental stewardship, we forge a powerful alliance that drives positive change. Together, we can co-create a more sustainable future where the contributions of every community, irrespective of their background, are recognised and celebrated.

Rio Nuevo Chocolate proudly stands alongside these extraordinary women and indigenous communities, continuously inspired by their wisdom and fully committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable world for all.


We are deeply honoured to be nominated for The Earthshot Prize in the "Protect & Restore Nature" category. This recognition reaffirms our unwavering commitment to conservation and preservation of critical ecosystems. As we embark on this Earthshot journey, we look forward to sharing more about our efforts and inspiring others to join us in safeguarding our precious natural world. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.


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